perjantai 23. tammikuuta 2015

Summer dress for me!

Wow, I had some time to sew for me! We went for Christmas to United Arab Emirates with my family and I wanted to have a new dress. I finally got to use that awesome fabric my friend brought me from India few years ago. The pattern is amazing and the fabric is superlight, almost like silk polyester. For the top I used recycled stretch fabric. It could fit better, but I didn't do enough changes for the pattern, which was made for non stretchable fabric. I will post later pics of the original dress!

At the moment I have my hands full with Pan musical, so I don't have much time for fishing! But no worries, I have lots of pictures of Vihree kala products waiting for editing and to be published, so stay tuned!

Photographer: Anne Makkonen

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