torstai 21. toukokuuta 2015

Pop-up store and so much fishing

As you may have noticed in Vihree kala's other social media, I'm going to open a pop-up store in Helsinki! This thing escalated very fast as big things usual. First my friend called me and told me about this opportunity. I called the owner and visited the store, waited a while in excitement and suddenly, my first pop-up store!

This is just crazy. I've been amazingly busy for a month, but FINALLY because of fishing! We have had already two new photo shoots for new products and we will have more next week! I have made countless samples of Vihree kala caps, to make them look good. Wish me luck! I'm close to succeed!

There's so many things I would like to do before the grand opening, but there's only one me. We will have opening in 4.6.2015, more info about that later!

In the shop you will find also products from HOOD, House of Defender. Hood makes clothes from old clothes, for example men's blouses and trousers. "Clothes and accessories with a wasted past". In HOOD's clothes you can see item's life before, but still it's somehow totally new. I love her style!

There are also Freia design's jewellery in the shop. She makes light and beautiful earrings and necklaces from recycled materials. Even my sensitive ears can handle those! Even though the earrings are light, they are pretentious enough for me..

Welcome to visit our store!

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