lauantai 27. kesäkuuta 2015


The crazy minions, always together, one ends the sentence other started. Nobody knows if they are siblings, twins, friends or lovers. Always teasing and hating, but somehow still attracted to each other. You tell me the relationship of these two!

Our minions wear Million pieces jeans, Hide and Seek vest Million Pieces style and Seam Stress headband. For Million pieces I use the fabric waste from the other Vihree kala products. Seam Stress headband is made out of the side seams of jeans. Pretty recycled, eh?
Photographer: Heikki Korhonen

Million Pieces jeans 220€
Hide and Seek vest MP 110€ SOLD
Seam Stress headband 22€
Earrings Freia DesignFB

 Got interested? Email me and ask for more impstatus(at)
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Kolmas linja 12, Helsinki

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