keskiviikko 22. kesäkuuta 2016

Making of Takkutukkakeiju

Iina managed to take some photos during the process. I'm usually so concentrated on my work so no way I remember any making of photos..

So, the play is Takkutukkakeiju. A story about a fairy who isn't like other fairies, she loves popcorn instead of cotton candy and she cannot even dance. She leaves home to become a better fairy and make her parents proud and what she founds on her adventure..

Takkutukkakeiju in Tampere: 22.6, 23,6, 6.7, 7.7, 9.7, 10.7, 16.7, 17.7, 23.7, 24.7
Helsinki: 28.6, 29.6, 30.6, 1.7, 2.7 

We had fun making the costumes, thanks my assistants Iina Torhola and Susanna Yrjänäinen. Special thanks: Senni Salmi, Essi Oja, Anni Pihlaja, Maria Sorjonen and Tuomas Roine.

So finally some pics! 

Daddy wing pattern.


Sewing wings for Krokantti

Mommy almost ready!

Mommy's dress and mess

Uuuu what are they?

The paws are going to eat your head!

Some painting with Susu

Come check out the play! Maybe one day you will see pics of ready costumes..
Now I'm gonna have a little break and after that some fishing...

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